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kube2iam : Secure Kubernetes Services on AWS

kube2iam : Secure Kubernetes Services on AWS

, Written by Alberto Alvarez
Microservices at Bench: Benchception

Microservices at Bench: Benchception

, Written by Pavel Rodionov

At Bench we really love the microservices approach to application architecture because it allows you to build your own stack and run lightning fast iterations. When we implemented our first microservice one year ago, we had a lot of questions: 

1. How do we deploy it, and how can we automate it?
2. How can we make it scalable from the very beginning?
3. What’s the best way to run integration tests against it?
4. What’s the best way to replicate a production environment locally so we can work on it?

Back then we didn’t know the answers, but we had a rough idea and we saw the power of container technologies. After six months of experimentation, we had proven out a few concepts and were ready to launch Project Benchception.